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Almost Here - Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem

Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem
(B. McFadden, P. Barry, M. Taylor) Sony 675 735 2


Chart Entry: 14th March, 2005
Highest Position: #1
Accreditation: Platinum
Points: 102,306
From the albums "Irish Son"
and "Mistaken Identity".


The fairytale romance between Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem ignited when the former Westlife member invited Australia's new princess of pop to record a duet for his debut solo album, Irish Son. As far as chart success was concerned, Brian couldn't have picked a better partner to record with, given that Delta had already racked up six Australian #1 singles in just two short years. But what he got was a high profile romance, including engagement, lasting six years.

"Almost Here" was written about Brian's ex-wife, Atomic Kitten singer, Kerry Katona, and their 2004 break-up. Brian was still married at the time of recording, divorced in September of that year, while Delta had just recovered from cancer, herself recently separated from tennis star, Mark Philippoussis. The timing of the duet was perfect, if not a little dangerous. The two quickly became an item with Brian moving to Australia to be closer to his soon-to-be fianceé.

"Almost Here" continued Delta's winning success, her seventh #1 single picking up the slack of her previous release, "Mistaken Identity", which stalled at #7. It was also the first real chart success in Australia for Brian without Westlife, the group surprisingly achieving only moderate success here despite the "Beatlesque" accolades they were receiving in the UK. Unfortunately for Brian, it was Delta that we really wanted, and Irish Son made no mark on the Australian Top 100 albums.

The film clip for "Almost Here" had two endings, a "happy" and a "sad" one (no guesses which of Brian's relationships belonged to which clip). Brian and Delta wander aimlessly around an airport, just missing each other at every turn until Brian, clutching Delta's handbag, catches up with her (or doesn't) in a cab. If you think that sounds like another soapie couples' film clip, then you'd be right. Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan suffered the same hardship to meet during the "Especially For You" clip. Looking forward, it would be the "happy" ending for Brian and Delta that most would be familiar with, but the alternative "sad" ending can still be found on Brian's DVD, The Life Of Brian: Six Months In The Life Of.

Brian McFadden made himself a household name locally, moving to Australia to be closer to Delta, becoming a regular on Australian TV, presenting FOX8's Football Superstar, appearing as guest judge on Australian Idol, and permanently filling the judges seat on Australia's Got Talent. So with that exposure, he was able to make his own mark on the charts hitting the top spot again in 2010 without the help of Delta. That single, "Just Say So", earned Brian nominations as Most Popular Australian Artist and Most Popular Australian Single. Brian McFadden had certainly become Australia's favourite son-in-law.

Delta's own success continued into a third album, and an eighth #1 single, but there was a need to spread her wings if her career was to go beyond those three successful albums. Ironically, it was Brian who was stuck alone in Australia while Delta based herself in L.A. to record her fourth album, the strain on their relationship too much to cope with. After "a lot of soul searching from both parties", Brian and Delta announced their mutual and amicable break-up in April 2011.

It seems that "sad" ending of "Almost Here" is inevitable for Brian, but they'll always have that moment on video when they reigned supreme together on the Australian charts.


Chart Run:
(ARIA Top 100)

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